SLT-Mobitel continues nationwide tree planting programs | Sunday Observer

SLT-Mobitel continues nationwide tree planting programs

26 June, 2022

As part of its countless Environmental Social Governance (ESG) programs, SLT-Mobitel carried out tree planting initiatives in Anuradhapura and Colombo recently.   

Themed ‘Let’s Nourish the Country with Clean Air and Fertiliser’, SLT-Mobitel embarked on the nationwide tree planting initiative with a pledge to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and promote healthier soil for natural humidity control.

The event launched in Colombo coincided with the 31st anniversary of the Jathika Namal Uyana            International Ecological Organization.  Managing Director, Sat Co Lanka Technology (Pvt) Ltd., H.M. Faizal Deen was the partner and donor of mee trees.

SLT-Mobitel concluded another mee tree planting event at the Sri Maha Bodhi premises in Anuradhapura. Communities living in the Anuradhapura area received mee trees from SLT-Mobitel officials.

SLT-Mobitel selected the ‘Mee’ tree for the program considering its contribution to pest control, ability to be used in the production of organic manure, ability to purify the air and its use as a natural medicine. A significant feature of the tree planting program is the use of modern technology with the ‘Thuru’ mobile application to monitor the progress of the project.

SLT-Mobitel firmly believes that this initiative contributes positively towards the protection of the environment and highlights the organisation’s expansion of its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) responsibilities, as it moves forward into a more connected, secure, and sustainable future.