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The Thomian Mexican Fiesta in Sydney A great success

26 June, 2022

It was a full house on 4 June 2022 when the Thoman OBA NSW/ACT hosted a Mexican Fiesta, despite the chilly winter weather in Sydney. Who would have thought a year ago in June that life could go back to ‘almost normal’ this year, though normal might not be the most appropriate term to describe the larrikin spirit at play that evening.

Guests dressed up in flamenco style dresses, Mexican skirts, ponchos, capes and sombreros in keeping with the spirit of the theme. In fact, the invitation to the party of sorts did suggest that guests should dress up!

The Thomians had taken their theme to heart- guests could pose for a photograph at the entrance with Mexican mannequins and Mexican themed props for the unprepared.

Yes, there were a few who needed the props to get into the spirit of the occasion! The colourful cocktails served at the door hinted at tequila but delivered on a refreshing lemonade instead and no one minded. The spirit of bonhomie and goodwill flowed with the bottles of wine on each table.

It was a well planned event and theme was echoed from the table décor to the music, entertainment and food. The Mexican Fiesta was the OBA’s major fund raising event for the year and promised entertainment for the whole family and it certainly delivered on the promise in spades.

The NSW branch of the OBA has donated cricket and rugby equipment, sponsored coaching services, donated books and conducted specialised coaching clinics for the school over the years, so their fundraising event is important on many levels.

The evening began with the playing of the bi-lingual version of the Sri Lankan national anthem, followed by the school song sung with great gusto by the ‘old boys’.

Two years of Covid-19 and all memories of the enforced restraint were swept away by DJ Sebb with music sprints that ranged from Disco to Caribbean calypso music and baila.

Who can resist those familiar favourites from Gimme Hope Jo’Anna, to the Macarena and Harry Belafonte to Lionel Ritchie. The DJ blasted the music to a packed dance floor for each segment. On tap was also a Mexican Mariachi trio who serenaded the tables.

Dinner was a delectable buffet of Mexican and Spanish food. Large pans of paella with mussels and chorizo, potato and three bean salads and grilled chicken, followed by traditional Mexican chocolate filled churros and pineapple gateaux. The guests were clearly enjoying the generous smorgasbord of dishes which were constantly being refilled.

On offer for the raffle draw, the high point of the evening, was a return ticket to Sri Lanka sponsored by SriLankan Airlines, a stay at the Galadari Hotel in Sri Lanka, gift packs and vintage bottles of spirits. The music and dancing continued well into the night.

For the Thomian OBA ACT/NSW, it was a comeback with a vengeance to make up for the sterility of the past year! I think it’s a safe assumption that the fund raiser was a success and the crowd will be back for more next year!