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My future dream

26 June, 2022

My dream is to become a doctor one day. I know it is not very easy. I should study hard. I must have a good knowledge of Biology, and Chemistry. I have to be a dedicated student and go to the Medical Faculty someday.

I love to become a doctor because I like to help people by healing their illnesses. I would like to treat them free.

There are different types of specialist doctors. There are doctors treating humans, some doctors are specialised to treat animals, and some are for plants. I would like to become of them.

People meet different types of doctors when they are sick. Doctors are essential members of society. Everyone needs a doctor’s help in their life. Having a doctor in your neighbourhood, helps you to feel safe. I believe the service of a doctor is the best.


Disandi Dahamsa

Grade 5-H

Lyceum International School