Natural resources best way to overcome economic crisis– Dr. Chandima Wijegunawardena | Sunday Observer

Natural resources best way to overcome economic crisis– Dr. Chandima Wijegunawardena

26 June, 2022

The leader of the newly formed Sri Lanka Humanity Party, Dr. Chandima Wijegunawardena said that Sri Lanka’s abundance of natural resources if utilised wisely would help overcome the present economic crisis. “We should not give up because as a nation we could overcome this crisis with the resources we have without borrowing more and more”, she said.

Dr. Wijegunawardena said that most of the flora in the island has medicinal properties and could be used to manufacture health products which could be exported. She said that Soursap or Anona Muricata would be in high demand as it has properties that kill cancer cells while Moringa Oleifera (Murunga or Drumsticks), Garcinia (Goraka), Aloe vera (Komarika) were just a few in the long list of plants that had medicinal properties. “We should add value to our products rather than export the basic raw materials” she said.

“Drinking water from our springs is another natural resource that can be exported”.

She also said that the dollar crisis could be overcome if all Sri Lankans only purchased local produce including food items, textiles, footwear and even appliances.

Dr. Wijegunawardena said that households that have a jack tree will not starve as a jack tree bears between 200 to 500 fruits per year and the jack fruit is edible at all stages of its growth.

The seeds and flesh can be preserved naturally and consumed at a later day.

She said that Sri Lanka was in this mess as the nation did not have a national policy plan of its own and had fallen prey to policy plans of foreign countries and added that it was imperative that a national policy plan is drafted and adopted before any future election.