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Poetry Corner

26 June, 2022

The apple of my eye

My darling daughter has hitherto been un blemish
For she had never had a serious male friend ship
Tomorrow marks her day with us in our nest the final
So, I cannot resist the temptation of being emotional

Despite being confronted
with a crowded agenda
My heart palpitates more
often than not with a phobia
Tear drops tend to emerge in my eyes; I don’t know why
May be because, in the true sense, she is the apple of my eye

She has made my life long dream
come true
For she became a doctor to that effect,
to prove
That is why It appears as if it is
an unbearable move
Her departing us to build her
own nest with a groom

May she be healthy and be devoid of unseen perils
May all the ruling God will protect her
from all evils
May she be blessed with healthy
and lovely children
So that they will be as well our darling grand children

My heartiest wish for her; not the least, but the last
For, little did it occur to me a better way to greet
Than to wish her life to last long with him
With the greatest grace of the Noble Triple Gem

Words - S.S.J.Fernando

Be your own sunshine

Look at the bright sun,
Did you realise that the sun
Is alone too!
But it shines so bright giving us all its light.
Sometimes the gloomy skies and dark clouds
tries it best to block its shine.
But the sun pushes through them,
And spreads its rays that many
Feels its warmth and embraces its shine.
At the darkest of hour when they need
It the most.
If you watch closely enough,
There is a silver lining in every cloud.
Proving there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Darling, whenever you feel hopeless;
Think you are the sun, be the sun!
Because difficult times are like dark clouds
that passes overhead blocking the sun.
Difficult times don’t last forever;
For tomorrow you will find the rainbow
Colouring your life!

Words - Ravihansi Palliyaguruge

The Magistrate

It was last weekend. I got onto the Yal Devi Intercity express train with my wife who was longing to see her only grandson. I was seated next to her while offering the window seat so that she could enjoy the surroundings for seven long hours.

"Will he recognize us?," she asked me with enthusiasm.

"Will he be at the station?"

"Did you mention the exact date and time of our arrival in the letter sent?", she asked me keeping no absolute trust on me.

"He too must be a Magistrate just like his father."

"Not to worry. He’ll be for sure,” I said while being silent for a while. The train moved faster through paddy fields, tunnels and woods with the intention of ending up its long journey.

She fell asleep just after passing Alimankada. I had a glance at her. She rested her head on my right shoulder.

She had been busy preparing sweets throughout the past week. Although I had been to Colombo to see him several times, she had never been there before. It was her second journey to Colombo just after his graduation.

Just after passing Maradana railway station, I had to wake her up because the next station would be our destination.

Almost all commuters were getting ready to get off and thus, there was a rush. I asked her to be patient. At last, we got off at Fort.

She was looking for him. She could not imagine his position.

"Look. As usual, he’s not concerned about us,” she went on telling with anger while looking for him.

Of course, she wanted to be with the grandson so badly and to cuddle him. She wanted to play hide and seek with him. I could imagine her situation.

I hired a taxi. We got into the car. The driver asked for the destination. She looked at him.

"Magistrate’s bungalow,” she said. Of course, it was a command. The taxi driver nodded. He drove through streets unfamiliar and unknown as quickly as possible so as to get the next hire.

At last, we were right in front of the bungalow which was built during British rule.

Magistrate’s Bungalow

I got out of the taxi and rushed to the gate while asking her to remain in the car to get rid of the dust. I rang the bell thrice, but no sign of anyone. I looked here and there. At last an old woman came to the gate. She was angry.

"What the hell are you doing? You must show discipline here or else the situation would be bad", she went on, not knowing who I was.

"I’m his father. Ask him to come here.”

She looked at me carefully.

"Please do as I’m asking you.”

"I’m afraid. He’s not at home.”

"Where has he gone?”

"Abroad for a conference with his family,” she said and walked back without uttering a single word. I was helpless. I looked at the taxi. I did not know what to say. She was excited and she came here to pay a visit to her only grandson. Of course, she had the intention to spend a couple of weeks with him. I could see her looking at me eagerly for my signal to get out of the taxi with no patience. My tears gushed out. I wiped my tears and strolled towards the taxi with a heavy heart.

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