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His mother

16 July, 2022

Ramesh had been married for seven years and still he did not have a baby. His wife was extremely worried over it. So was his mom.

Ramesh was thinking that time would solve everything. He did everything possible to be with Meena, his wife. They had games and nice outings. They behaved as if they had got married recently.

‘I wish I had a child, Ramesh’, she said while looking at his cousin sister next door who was cuddling her baby with lullabies.

‘Don’t worry. It would be okay in days to come’, he consoled her while tenderly touching her head.

In absence of Meena, Ramesh was having a chat with his mother in the kitchen.

‘Look. You don’t have a kid yet. Lal had got two. Gopal has got four. How can I go and be in the Women’s Society? Everyone is asking for my grandchildren. How can I face them?’

‘Mom, you shouldn’t make it a big issue. If it’s my destiny, I can’t help it. We love and care for each other. Our bond’s are strong’

‘If you really love me, you should divorce her’

‘Are you crazy? Don’t even think about it’, he went on adding further and further.

Meena who had just come from the chena could overhear the argument taking place and she realized the situation. Now that she was helpless, she did not have any options other than to leave Ramesh. He kept silent for a while. She was full of tears and she strolled towards the kitchen.

‘Meena, when did you come? I was having a chat with Mom’, he pretended as if nothing serious was discussed.

‘What your Mom says is correct. Marriage is not a matter of love at all. It’s an obligation’

‘What’re you talking about, Meena?’

‘Let me proceed, Ramesh. Just after the marriage, the woman must give birth to a child or else what’s the use of being a woman. We must listen to society. We must cope with the traditions and conventions of it. Thus, you can get married to another woman and have kids. I’ll leave you behind though it’s a big task’, she could not proceed.

‘Meena, listen to me. I’ve got no intention of getting married again. You’re my whole world and ……’

‘I know that you love me so immensely and enormously. You must get married. It’s my sole wish whether you like it or not. If you really love me, you must do it’

‘See she can realize it, but you can’t’, his Mom said after being silent for a while.

‘No worries, Mom. You can arrange for him a good fair lady. I’ll give my divorce’, she went on telling while arranging her luggage.

‘Meena, try to understand me. I’ve not got the intention to get married. I want to spend the time with you. I don’t mind whether we have children or not’,

‘But society does’

She left the place while Ramesh was looking at her with a heavy heart. He looked at her till she disappeared.