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Happy memories of my trip to Puranagama

30 July, 2022

We went on a trip to Puranagama. It is in Sinharagama, Nochchiyagama in Anuradhapura. It is a

Man made village anyone can visit. It is created according to the features in an ancient village.

As we entered, we met a gamamahaththaya and a gamamahage. They welcomed us warmly and served belimal tea with home-made jaggery. Then, the gamamahaththaya guided us to the kamatha and the kadamandiya.

The kadamandiya is like a supermarket. It has vegetables, fruits and household items. There was a sweet shop too. They had kavum, kokis, halapa, and wade served at a village hotel. They called it the kade.

There was a village school too.

The name of the school is Thaksalawa. An Iskola Mahaththaya was in charge of it. He showed us the gal-lella, gal-koora and the bell.

There was a dandukanda at the Aarachchi-mahaththaya’s house. He is the village leader. He punished people who broke rules. We went to the village doctor’s house too. It is called the vedagedara. There was a buth gedara and a rotti gedara too. We had yams and rice.

It was an unforgettable day for me with an actual experience of a village.


E.M.Sadew Vidunitha Ekanayaka

Grade 4- H

Mahinda Model Primary School