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Keeping fit

30 July, 2022

Today, more and more people want to keep fit. Fitness is the key to good health and happiness. To be fit, you need to be well and do many physical activities.

If you don’t exercise properly you may become overweight and it can cause health problems.

If you’re fit, your mind also works well. You feel good, and can do all the things you want to do such as play and swim. If you are fit you will also do well in studies.

To stay healthy, eat a variety of food, especially fruits and vegetables. Different types of food give you with the nutrients (food value) that your body needs. Do not overeat.

Drink plenty of water, cut down eating fast food and do many physical activities. Follow all these things and you will have fitness for life.

The different things we can do to maintain fitness can be utilized for our betterment during this difficult period. Engaging in meaningful hobbies such as, cycling, hiking, outdoor camping and bird watching can help to improve both mental physical fitness. But, not only that, these help us to save money, behave responsibly, releive stress and save time during this difficult period.

Finally , these help us to become meaningful human beings in a critical period like this.

K.Wenuka Methusara Isumjith

Grade 4

Highbrow College