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My Grandfather

30 July, 2022

“Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another”. This saying truly acknowledges the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. No matter how fast-paced this world becomes, this bond survives.

Our grandparents are our biggest supporters in life. Now, when I look back at that time, my grandfather has been the most influential person I’ve ever known. I called my grandfather Seeya thaththa.His name is Lakshman Perera and he was a retired school principal.

He is well known for his honesty and loyalty. That means he always teaches us to be kind and to work hard. My grandfather was very loving and caring as a person. He is the most respected figure in our family. Everyone in the family loves, obeys and respects him. He has always been an important role model in my life. He taught me good manners and loved me a lot. He was the most humble, most modest and yet the most successful person in every aspect of life.

The only person I can truly say has been my mentor since my very early childhood. Every day and at every step of my 13 years of life he has guided me perfectly by giving examples from his past. He taught me how to see life positively and be grateful for each and every thing we have.

He wakes up early morning every day and he loves to read books. Therefore, I also became a reader. Whenever, I got scolded by my mom or dad, my grandfather always came to my rescue.

On May 2, 2022, I lost my lifeline and my hero forever. I can’t reallyremember the day it happened and I can’t bear the loss of my Seeya Thaththa. It was a great loss to our family. We lost someone really dear to us and felt it very badly. I had never experienced death and funerals before this and it was the most sorrowful thing that has ever happened to me. To respect Seeya Thaththa I decided to be a role model for people as he was in his life.

S.N.Sasrutha Nayanthul Dias

Grade 8

Sussex College