Schools | Sunday Observer


30 July, 2022

The foundation of our learning is laid by our schools. School is the place which instills in us a sense of responsibility and a hardworking spirit. We become better persons because of the hard exams that we are put through at school.

Each exam, each activity and each lesson is aimed towards making us learn and grow.

Right from the beginning, we are taught to be morally responsible for all our actions.

The various subjects introduce us to the world’s diversity and allow us to explore our surroundings with a unique perspective.

Schools are the training grounds that prepare us to face the unknown. We can overcome any hardship with the right motivation and schools do that for us.

We are not only taught to be responsible citizens, but also hardworking people who strive hard to face the challenges that life throws at us.


T.M. Dulmini Chamalsha Thennakoon,

Grade 7

Sussex College Kurunegala