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The teacher who encouraged me to write to the Junior Observer

30 July, 2022

“Excuse me Gangul, can you spare some time for me at the interval?”Doreen madam asked climbing down the steps. “Sure madam.” I said. halting my flight towards the first language room. “Or come before the interval if you can.” “Ok madam.” I replied and dodged three paper rockets that appeared out of nowhere.

In the interval I ran up the staircase until I reached Doreen madam’s class. Now, let me talk about Doreen madam.

She was my English teacher in Grade 5 and a class teacher.

This year she is the class teacher of 5D. There was one thing she couldn’t resist, that is creative writing.

I poked my head around the corner of 5D.”Excuse me madam.” I said. setting my foot inside. “Oh come in Gangul!” Doreen madam said.

“The reason why I called you is, I need you to write an essay for the Junior Observer.” “Oh great! I’m doomed!” I thought.

That’s because many teachers in our school would buy thepaper and l didn’t want an excited crowd congratulating me.

“On which topic madam?” l asked. By the way, she has a habit of insisting when she wants something done.

She won’t stop encouraging us to publish our essays in the Junior Observer.

“Can you write an essay for the Father’s Day?” She asked me thoughtfully.

I thought for a second and suddenly straightened up. “Thanks for encouraging me madam, l have a brilliant idea for an essay!” and l ran down towards my classroom.

All was not in vain for the effort l made. It made me very delighted to hear that my essay was published on June 19 on Father’s Day thanks to Doreen madam.


Gangul Kalana Bandara

6 B

Hill Country International School