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Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant learns she’s pregnant again

30 July, 2022

The news that Madisen and Christian moved into their own place during the July 26 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ rocked the hollywood arena recently. The Hollywood couple who needed to be more independent had to face some unexpected consequences. The young couple had been excited to be on their own after living with their parents for sometime.

However it did not take them a long time to realize that life is rough. Especially when they had to do household chores alone like buying their own groceries and household appliances.

As a result, Madisen was not feeling well and is still experiencing nausea and strange eating habits. At present, both Madisen and Christian are already expecting their second child now. It was reported that she took two pregnancy tests and both tests ended up being positive.

However hopefully, Christian and Madisen got back together after she finished filming the previous season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Her boyfriend took a decision to follow in Madisen’s footsteps by relocating to Ohio from Arkansas to give their relationship another go.

Speaking of Madisen’s dad, It is said that Madisen’s dad Nick and girlfriend Christina got engaged and married in less than a month. The couple had announced their engagement in late September.

They were married in a small ceremony with friends and family the following month. Eventually what worried Madisen a lot was the news that she had been cut from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episode after her departure early last season. However, producers reportedly changed their minds due to viewers being disinterested in the story line of Madisen’s replacement, Kayla Jones. However , Madisen is a name living in the hearts of millions of Hollywood fans around the world.