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The fluffy ball

14 August, 2022

My pet is a German shepherd but it is still a puppy. We named it Happy because it makes us so happy. It is black and tan in colour. Happy has a long haired coat and lives in a big kennel kept in a flower garden with a small toilet. It loves to eat chicken bones. Bones

always give Happy stomach aches. Then, we never forget to give it one or two yoghurts. The yoghurt always makes it feel better. I think Happy loves to eat yoghurt.

My German shepherd loves to eat papaws. But it hates bananas. It loves to play with everyone. Happy is really good at making friends. It loves my father very much. Happy feels hungry when it sees my grandmother. It is afraid of me, my uncle and my grandfather. But it still likes to play with me and my uncle. Happy is really afraid of bicycles and their chains.

I think Happy loves me and I know that I really love my German shepherd, Happy.


Omindi Athapaththu

Grade 6-G

Mahamaya Girls’ College