Shady trials to pick badminton players | Sunday Observer

Shady trials to pick badminton players

18 September, 2022

Questions have been raised as Sri Lanka Badminton (SLB) conducted trials to select players for the World Junior Badminton Championships to be held in Spain from October 17 to 30.

The Sunday Observer learns that these trials were conducted in an intriguing manner with the obvious intention of including favourites into the squad.

The rules state that trials should be played on neutral courts and not on courts that are used for practices while the players must also be briefed on the rules and issues sorted out.

Cameras must also be fixed on court to analyse player performances. The World Badminton rule also states that only two matches must be played by a player per day, but in Sri Lanka they have played four matches per day under temperatures as high as 38 degrees centigrade. The rules are not adhered to by those who are conducting the trials.

All this was done to eliminate a frontline player who has already finished on top in the boys category according to observers.

It is alleged that some officials at SLB are now looking at ways to oust the top player and bring in a player whom they favour.

The final trials were held on Friday but SLB have not released the names of the players selected.