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A visit to my grandmother’s house…

25 September, 2022

Every summer vacation, we visit our grandmother. She stays in a small town near Kandy. This time when we went there, I saw garden full of fresh vegetables. She was glad to see us.

Each day she cooked something special for us. She also baked my favourite pizza.

There is a river behind my grandmother house. We went there and had a bath. I am scared to swim. I sat on a stone and washed myself with water in a bucket. I love sleeping in my grandmother’s room. She showed me my father’s pictures and narrated many stories about my father.

She gifted me a jersey which she had knitted herself. I always feel happy to be with her. I wish I could stay with her for a little longer. I left her house with a heavy heart. She too felt sad about our going back. We promised to visit her soon.

F. Ayma Rilwan
Grade 4
Hill Country International School
Madawala, Kandy