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The Russian School of Ballet and Dancing

25 September, 2022

The Russian School of Ballet and Dancing under the Russian House in Colombo is the premier Ballet and Dance School in Sri Lanka which commenced its activities in 2001. They started off with four little girls, all eager to learn and master the art of ballet. Ballet is one of the main disciplines, Russian House in Colombo has to offer out of the vast cultural heritage of Russia.

The school was initiated under the patronage of Mikkkhail Ustinov- then Director of The Russian Centre and Buddhapriya Ramanayaka - C.E.O.,with Galina Pleshakova, a native Russian Classical Ballet instructor. The school was conceptualised and standardised by Chandi Aluvihare, Cultural Officer of The Russian Centre in 2001.

The Ballet School of the Russian Centre is soon catching up with its own title of Russian School of Ballet. While it was limited to just four students at the inception, the number has now grown close to thousand students walking in and out every day, to and from their ballet lessons.

The Russian School of Ballet is dedicated to the classical art of Russian Ballet that has been passed down through generations in the past few centuries. As the number of students at the Ballet School faced a significant rise within the past few years, a larger number of instructors/teachers have been brought in. The School has over few hundred students learning classical ballet under the guidance of Galina Pleshakova who is assisted by Samantha Samararathne, Niluka Madurawala, Radisha Bodiyabadu, a group of assistant teachers, Kavishka Prematilake, Shenaalie Dias, Samindi De Silva and Vichara Udawatte who are past students of the School.

Students of the School acquire and learn the principles of ballet and gain poise, confidence and grace along the way. The School is at present looking forward to expanding the classes to give more opportunities to a larger number of students who are on the waiting list aspiring to learn ballet. Annual concerts are organised and held in grand style and are attended by a large number of parents, well-wishers and lovers of ballet.

In keeping with its standards, the Russian School of Ballet arranges annual examinations which are conducted under the patronage of Oxana Karnovich of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Prior to the exams, students are encouraged to participate in workshops organised by Karnovich to acquire more insight into the field of ballet.

Benefits of doing ballet examinations

Dance exams and assessments motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.

They help boost students’ confidence.

Allow candidates to demonstrate their progress.

They gain a sense of personal achievement.

Receive feedback on where they can improve.

Students work more enthusiastically and hard during their lessons to aim towards achieving a high grade.

Candidates who did the exam are proud of themselves.

The earlier exams aren’t too pressurised, but it does help them prepare for the more serious and stringent advanced exams.

Moscow State Academy of Choreography is a Governing body recognised worldwide.

Students love to receive their certificate of achievement.