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NOC launches talent hunt

25 September, 2022

The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Sri Lanka has launched an operation to prepare young athletes targeting the 2026 Youth Olympics. They have appointed a Junior Development Committee (JDC) that will go talent searching for young sportsmen and women of the highest calibre to produce athletes who can win medals in the international arena.

‘Youth Awakening 2026’ being the first of its kind looks to provide young athletes with consistent and continuous mentorship and training through a comprehensive three-fold strategy adapted by the JDC, by way of programmes, direct support and funding.

“When it comes to high performance, we take the top athletes in Sri Lanka. Although they are top in Sri Lanka they are far below against the rest of the world and the strategy put together by the JDC would be the answer that would raise the standard of sports in Sri Lanka and allow our athletes to compete with the rest of the world,” said Shirantha Peiris, chairman of NOC’s JDC.

Through programmes created and developed to promote fundamental principles and values of Olympism in Sri Lanka, athletes could look forward to being connected with trainers, nutritionists and sports psychologists who would play a key role in creating a healthy mindset and a positive approach towards their education, sports and career.

Young ‘high potential’ players are offered a unique advantage with the ‘Direct Athlete Support’ programme designed to identify and provide opportunities aimed to facilitate their development and expose them to the next level of their chosen pathway through ‘School Placement’ programmes and holistic sports training. Two interesting aspects of the programme include a ‘health cover’ where all JDC contracted athletes will be provided with free medical cover as well as a ‘medal incentive funding programme’ that would promulgate state-funded grants or corporate-funded incentives to athletes with potential to win a medal at international level.

Through ‘Youth Awakening 2026’, Sri Lanka will see a continuity of top-notch athletes being produced for the Youth Olympics, Youth Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, etc.