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Dhananath Fernando – CEO, Advocata Institute

2 October, 2022
Dhananath Fernando
Dhananath Fernando

The Advocata Institute, a public policy think tank based in Colombo has appointed Dhananath Fernando, as its Chief Executive Officer.

He is a graduate of the University of Colombo.

Fernando, a founding member of the Institute, has worked as Advocata’s Chief Operating Officer since its inception. 

Advocata Institute was launched in 2016 by a group of professionals aiming to provide market-oriented policy alternatives to public discourse in Sri Lanka. The founding group was advised by leading academics and business leaders. 

As the COO of Advocata, Fernando has played a pivotal role in the organisation with key responsibilities in fundraising and communication. He is a frequent writer and commentator on economic policy in national media. Prior to joining Advocata, he worked in market research and administration

Dhananath volunteers his time for CandleAid, a charity based in Sri Lanka, and a number of other initiatives including the AK Lit Fest, a trilingual literary festival and Lakmahal, a community library.