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Expand your vocabulary

2 October, 2022

Circle A, B, C or D that most accurately fits the meaning and check your answers with the key.

1. Principal
A. foremost
B. standard
C. forceful
D. formative
2. Principle
A. speciality
B. basic truth
C. outgrowth
D. responsibility
3. Gibe
A. rectify
B. deny
C. taunt
D. charm
4. Jibe
A. to misuse
B. to flatter
C. to destroy
D. be in agreement
5. Parlay
A. to change the system
B. to bet
C. to negotiate
D. to select
6. Parley
A. disagreement
B. denial
C. outflow
D. conference
7. Broach
A. open or pierce
B. to gather
C. to pacify
D. to decorate
8. Brooch
A. a piece of jewellery
B. flock of birds
C. proposal
D. indictment
9. Vial
A. disgrace
B. gift
C. small bottle
D. type of curtain
10. Vile
A. transparent
B. scornful
C. opaque
D. offensive
11. Maze
A. complex network
B. rude shock
C. light smog
D. glare
12. Maize
A. moisture
B. despair
C. pattern
D. corn
13. Reek
A. waste away
B. smell
C. to stink
D. demolish
14. Wreak
A. inflict
B. avenge
C. prevent
D. challenge
15. Braise
A. to sketch
B. to shout
C. trim off
D. brown in fat
16. Brays
A. donkey cries
B. pastries
C. sea fish
D. faint
17. Leach
A. extract
B. mop up
C. to be deceptive
D. to suck dry
18. Leech
A. wicked person
B. parasite
C. vegetable
D. chemical
19. Seer
A. prophet
B. fool
C. hermit
D. pessimist
20. Sear
A. urge
B. diminish
C. foresee
D. to wither

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. D
7. A
8. A
9. C
10. D
11. A
12. D
13. C
14. A
15. D
16. A
17. A
18. B
19. A
20. D

10 – 14 Correct: Good
15 – 17 Correct: Excellent
18 – 20 Correct: Exceptional