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My family is my life

2 October, 2022

A family is the smallest social unit we can survive in. If we are able to survive in a family, it’s a big success. Every child in the world needs a family. The family members are the only people who can understand us and take us on the right path.

The family members in my family are my mother, father, grandmother, younger sister and I. My father acts like the head of the family, but my mother takes leadership in the household jobs. My grandma is the eldest, but she doesn’t work because she’s old.

We all look after our grandmother with much care. When our parents are not at home, she looks after us. We like to listen to her folk stories and folk songs. Our mother is a nurse who works in the Matale General Hospital. She makes us delicious foods and she does not make any unhealthy foods. She thinks about us and always worries about us.

Our father always thinks about our future. He teaches us proper manners. He bring us whatever we want. He is a businessman.

My sister and I are school girls who study at the Matale International School. My sister is Samadhi Gaily Herath. We live together in peace and harmony and help each other. Our house is in Padiwita. It is small but it’s comfortable. I love my family so much and my family is my life.


Malsha Lily Herath

Grade 6-C

Matale International School