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2 October, 2022

My name is Adeesha Jayasekara. I am a boy. I live in Thalahena, Malabe. My school is Wesley College, Colombo and my Dhamma school is Sri Sambodhi English Dhamma School. My nursery was Leeds International School.

My mother’s name is Dilrushi Witharana. She is a freelance software engineer. My father’s name is Shirley Jayasekara. I have no siblings. I am in Grade 1-A. My class teacher’s name is Keshani Kanagaratnam.

My favourite food is fish and the drink is water. My favourite fruit is mango and favourite outfit is a T-shirt and pair of shorts. I like the colour orange. I like to play with toy cars. My favourite vehicle is the Defender Jeep and favourite sport is swimming.

My hobby is drawing pictures. I like to play with my friends. I don’t have a pet. I like to take photographs and spend with my parents. I love to read .


Adeesha Jayasekara

Grade 1

Wesley College Primary