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Erotic queen of finance…Thilini Priyamali

23 October, 2022

“The erotic queen of finance” is the new moniker coined for the alleged fraudster Thilini Priyamali who is accused of defrauding many wealthy persons. She was thus called by leading lawyer Maithri Gunaratne PC last week in open courts after it was revealed through the investigations carried out by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that she had used her appeal and beauty to carry out her alleged illegal businesses.

While previously it was revealed she had used several popular actresses and models to entrap and blackmail leading businessmen who lent her money, it is now revealed she had also ensnared many powerful men through her allure and looks. On analysing data from her mobile phone and computers it is said among those who fell for her are politicians, top policemen and even State officials. She had thus built relationships with these individuals to ensure she will be able to carry out her illegal businesses freely without any hindrance.

Hotel rooms

Sources claimed information is being revealed through technical investigations of the CID that Priyamali had met many of these men privately in hotel rooms.

“The identities of certain personalities who are linked to her are shocking,” a higher ranking Police officer said. He added that more information on those who fell for her because of her beauty will be revealed soon.

It is also said, several politicians had also maintained sexual relationships with her. A certain politician is said to have been defrauded of Rs. 800 million, however, has only informed the Police that he lost one-tenth of that amount. It is said she had met the said politician in five-star hotels and managed to lure him to her.

More information is currently being extracted by the Police from her electronic devices. The CID claims these devices have now become a treasure trove of information into all her dealings. However, the CID is yet to reveal the information obtained as they are yet investigating the matter.

Among other facts revealed is that certain politicians had made assurances about her to various businessmen going as far as to recommend her to them allowing her to make away with millions belonging to these men.

Project manageress

It is said most of the recommendations for Thilini Priyamali had come from a project manageress and company director of a multinational company in Sri Lanka. The woman is said to be a prominent figure among the Colombo elite. Former Governor Azath Salley has publicly said it is this woman who introduced him to Priyamali. However, unlike Salley many have opted to refrain from complaining against the woman.

Among these is a young mobile phone importer and tradesman in Wellawatte. She had purchased phones from him and their connection is said to have been ongoing for many years.

According to sources during the Galle Face Green protests, this powerful woman is said to have called him claiming a friend of hers is looking to buy an Apple phone. She requested him to bring the phone valued at over Rs. 300,000 to her residence. It is said Priyamali was also at this residence when he arrived and was seen counting dollar bills consisting mainly of US$ 100 notes and bundling them.

Introduced to her, the powerful woman reveals the phone was for Thilini Priyamali who she claimed was a rich business owner in Sri Lanka. Thilini Priyamali accepting the phone is said to have paid him over the asking price. During the meeting, Priyamali had claimed the money belonged to a particular politician.

What made this believable was that the woman was known as a close confidant of this politician’s family. Priyamali had claimed the politician was unable to keep the money due to the Aragalaya and therefore had given it to her for safe keeping. However it is said this claim was a lie and an attempt to gain the trust of the young businessman. She had said the dollars must be converted to rupees and offered to sell some to him at a lower rate.

Not thinking twice, the man had transferred Rs. 5 million to Priyamali during the meeting itself. She in return had handed him the amount of dollars corresponding to that value. She had asked him to contact her if any need for more dollars arose and provided him with the necessary contact details.

Believing this was a great opportunity, the young businessman had put together Rs. 50 million in a bid to purchase more dollars from the alleged fraudster.

The money had been handed to Thilini Priyamali at a meeting held at the residence of the same powerful woman.

But this time around she did not hand him the dollars directly. Claiming it was hidden due to the tense situation in the country, she had assured him she would deliver the money within two days.


Believing her due to the assurances of this powerful woman, the young man agreed to this. However, he would never see his Rs. 50 million again but neither would he complain to the CID unable to comprehend as to what befell him.

He is also said to be in fear of revealing a statement about the powerful woman who introduced him to her. It is believed however he will soon lodge a complaint with the CID about the loss he suffered at the hands of these two women.

CID says many of those who fell victim were initially introduced to Thilini Priyamali by this said company director. CID believes this woman had an influence in the business carried out by Priyamali. She is said to have even got Priyamali to engage in affairs of the company she worked for.

Around Rs. 3,000 million in Priyamali’s accounts have now gone missing with the CID unable to trace it. The money may have already been spent.

It is said Priyamali had spent lavishly on artists to become close to them. Businessmen husbands of some artists had even invested with Priyamali due to this. However none have come forward to complain as it is said she is in possession of recordings and videos that would incriminate them.

Investigators claim Priyamali had spent the defrauded funds on not only people but organisations as well.

It has been revealed she had brought artists, businessmen and politicians together to produce a film recently. She had even organised an event for the purpose. The CID believes the woman had no intention to produce the film titled ‘Maya Jala’ but had only wanted to attract powerful persons by inviting them for this extravagant event.

The glitzy event held at the Shangri La Hotel also featured Indian actress Mouni Roy also known as Shivanya and was graced by powerful artists, politicians and businessmen.

It is believed she had spent Rs. 20 million on the event. Posing with the prominent guests, Priyamali had used this event to also defraud more wealthy persons, making them believe she was well connected to these VIPs.

However, despite many of those who were defrauded maintaining a stoic silence, the CID is expected to reveal their names soon through the bank account details of the fraudster and other data from electronics belonging to her.

The CID also claims five hard drives belonging to the woman’s fraudulent business have also disappeared due to the delay in confiscating the equipment from her office.

The CID has revealed Priyamali had used three mobile phones from within remand prison to contact several persons including a director in her company.

He has since claimed Priyamali had requested the contact numbers of several persons during that call. These numbers have now been obtained by the CID. CID said she had made 22 calls to 11 mobile phone numbers. In one call she had requested the person to provide her with Rs. 30 million to post bail.

The CID said many of those calls had also been made to powerful persons including a woman. The CID is currently considering bringing this woman also before the law. While sleuths claim they are not facing any pressures, they are said to be determined in uncovering the truth.