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Feel serene with Geetha Senewiratne

6 November, 2022

Renowned artist Geetha Senewiratne will be conducting her 11th exhibition ‘Strokes of Serenity’ at the Lionel Wendt next week.

Senewiratne has worked as an artist for more than 40 years, making a name for unique paintings that have impressed many in Sri Lanka and abroad. A childhood hobby converted to passion carried out for years and appreciated by influential people.

Her work has been placed in several places, including some of the leading hotels of Ceylon Hotel Corporation like Belihuloya Rest House, Kithulgala Rest House, and Ambepussa Rest House, and has been brought by prominent art-loving personalities. This exhibition will reflect on her journey and the golden anniversary exhibition.

Geetha won a Presidential Award for the best sculpture at the 79th Annual Exhibition of the Ceylon Society of Arts in 1983. She was also awarded the Kalabushana award in 2013 in retrospect for excellence and service to the industry. Her first exhibition was held in 1973 thereon had many exhibitions, the latest will be her 11th and she plans to do more in the future.

Geetha said she is thankful to all those who supported her journey and encouraged her to come this far. Art has always been her love and will continue to tell stories through her painting. She hopes to pass down her knowledge to aspiring artists by conducting more workshops and art classes.

Strokes of Serenity by Geetha Senewiratne will open at the Lionel Wendt on November 11th and continue to the 12 and 13.