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Home Lands Group appoints new director

20 November, 2022
Executive Directress  Ms. Amaya Herath
Executive Directress Ms. Amaya Herath

The Board of Home Lands Group has appointed Ms. Amaya Herath as the new Executive Directress of Home Lands Group from September 1, 2022.

As the daughter of Nalin Herath (Chairman - Home Lands Group) and Mrs. Harshani Herath (Directress - Home Lands Group), Ms. Amaya Herath will overlook and lead the overall operations of the companies under Home Lands Group.

As a proud past pupil of Musaeus College - Colombo, Ms. Amaya Herath is a double degree holder with an LLB from the University of London and a First-class Honours degree (BSc) in Software Engineering from the University of Colombo. She is an Attorney-at-Law with a sound law firm and industry experience. Ms. Amaya also outshines in other important domains such as team management, leadership, business development andoverall business management. Withextensive industry experience and exposure in the fields of IT, law, real estate and corporate management, Ms. Amaya is highly proficient and excels in all the respective fields.

As an ambitious, competent and aspiring professional, Ms. Amaya will take responsibility as the next-era business leader for uplifting the business of Home Lands Group by meeting and exceeding market expectations.

Her advanced interpersonal and multitasking capabilities, exceptionalorganizationalplans and her ability to work in afast-paced environment and resolve business challengesin collaboration and individualistically are expected to expand the business network of Home Lands Group in the future.