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Let’s defeat the online devil

4 December, 2022

‘Reading completes a man’

‘A room without books is like a body without a soul’

By reading books, there is more knowledge as well as a way to quickly understand certain facts about the society. But, due to the current crisis in the country, many children are separated from books and addicted to phones and television. In view of the Covid-19 pandemeic situation, the educational activities of the children had been severely disrupted. The main reason for this is the use of technical tools.

With the environment we live in at present, it is not an easy task to separate children from such things and we must understand to use them correctly and only in situations necessary. Due to online classes, many pupils have resorted to unnecessary work.

Children are addicted to online games. Sometimes they have even resorted to suicide and see their parents as enemies and are disobebient to them. Sometimes parents also have to search a lot for their children and even have excessive fear in their hearts. At a time when the Covid-19 virus has been controlled to some extent, children must turn to reading books again. It is a task that should be done with the cooperation of all to guide the next generation who will take over the future of the country, without directing them to inappropriate work.

‘There is no friend as loyal as a book’

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’


H.M. Chamathka Jayashani Herath

Grade 10-C

Vijaya College, Matale