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Mother returns to her crying children

4 December, 2022

A woman who left the country to work as a domestic in Kuwait was forced to return home hurriedly in Malsiripura, Bandipola in Kurunegala after her husband abandoned her two daughters and moved out leaving them to fend for themselves.

The woman was alerted on her children’s plight following reports in the local print and social media and was able to make the trip back home with the assistance of the Sri Lankan mission in Kuwait and the Country Heroes Organisation that arranged her airfare.

The daughters aged 14 and 7 claimed that their father had squandered the remittances sent by their mother on alcohol and had ignored their welfare.

The children were shocked and overjoyed to see their mother at home while returning from school one day.

The two daughters had attended school that day unaware that their mother had landed in the country and was heading home in a public transport bus.

Nimali Nilushika said that she gave her two daughters to their father because she trusted him and went to work in a foreign country for the first time to build their house, but she had to return to Sri Lanka because her two children were suffering and became helpless.

“I will never leave my children alone whatever the circumstances may be”, a tearful Nimali said.

The family’s eldest daughter expressed gratitude to everyone who brought her mother to her after she had been alone with her sister since her father left home.


Mother and two daughters reunion
The mother reunites with her two daughters, whom their father had abandoned after she left for Kuwait for a job, hoping to build the home they shared in Kurunagala’s Melsiripura area. The Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait and the National Heroes Association had facilitated her return to Sri Lanka from Kuwait.When the two girls saw her on their way home from school, they had no idea her mother had returned home carrying the love they had missed.