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Why I consider my school to be the best?

4 December, 2022

Since my infancy my parents had a sweet dream to send me to a convent to study. I heard my father had spoken about his desire regularly to my mother. Today the dream of my parents has been fulfilled. All of our family is now very happy because I could go to our present school.

There are Sinhala and Buddhists students. Now I have the privilege to study with multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-level students. We all sit in one class without any differences.

In addition to class education we learn a lot of external lessons in our school. ‘One Country, One Nation’. It is a noble lesson for us. That is why I consider my school to be the best.

With the guidance of my school’s sisters and teachers we learn how to live peacefully with people. The love, kindness, companionship and discipline are the base visions of our school.

All our teachers encourage us to develop these positive feelings. We receive strong and perfect security and the best discipline from our school.

So, I consider my school to be the best school because of these facts.

May you live forever in us and the Triple Gem bless you!

Mother Convent!


K.G. Rasini Vihangika

Grade 9-C

Sacred Heart Convent