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My favourite TV program

15 January, 2023

My favourite TV program is Justin and Testin. It is a cartoon which is telecast on Sirasa TV. It is telecast at 4.30 p.m. on every weekday. Its main characters are Justin and Testin, a man and a boy. It is based on a Mongolian comic.

This is a popular cartoon all over the world. The man likes Science and the boy likes to sleep every day. It is a very funny cartoon. There is a lady in the cartoon. She cooks everyday. Justin makes robots and Testin tests them.

I do not miss my favourite cartoon. My elder brother and my younger brother like to watch this cartoon too. I like to watch the cartoon very much.

N. Naaditha Suhas Kavinu Wijayarathna
Grade 4
Nalanda College
Colombo 10