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SLT-Mobitel launches mAgent

22 January, 2023

SLT-Mobitel has launched ‘mAgent’, a first-of-its-kind frontline service deployed to assist customers from across Sri Lanka through personalised service at the doorstep.

With the launch of mAgent, fixed and mobile users could avail this service at the convenienceof their homealong with a host of other telecommunication services. The rollout of the mAgent initiative is part of SLT-Mobitel’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy, which focuses on offering low cost, environment friendly area-based services by going beyond the call of duty to elevate customer experiences and expand value creation. With the mAgent initiative, SLT-Mobitel is also empowering the younger generation with employment opportunities and nurturing them with expertise and industry skills.

Customers can connect with the mAgent by calling 1717. To provide effective and efficient services related to new connectivity, device purchase, network diagnostic, and all fixed and mobile related services, all mAgents have undergone extensive training to obtain the skills and know-how, and are equipped with latest hardware and software tools, enabling them to provide timely solutions.

An mAgent is assigned to an area, thus, when a customer contacts the mAgent service, he or she will be mobilised,enabling them to fulfil their needs in a safe and hassle-free manner.

As brand champions, SLT-Mobitel mAgent initiative will help shape the telecommunication industry by offering personalised doorstep service, thereby enriching the lifestyle of Sri Lankans, and helping the nation to advance to its next phase of development.