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Honda Purudu Championship finals today

22 January, 2023

The final round of the competition “Rotary Honda Purudu Champions” will be held at Hotel Galadari today at 1.30pm. The finalists will express Honda Purudu values via song, dance, speech and drama. The competition can be viewed live on the Facebook page “Little Minds Strong Values”.

The famous idiom Puhul Hora Karen Dane is turned into a song with a powerful message to the children Hora karannaepa, borukiyannaepa. The Rotary national project ‘Little Minds Strong Values’, uses 30 such Sinhala/Tamil songs with simple music/lyrics and eye-catching video animation to promote positive ideas and attitudes in children from a young age, building and shaping the citizens of the future.

This is a project initiated by the Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan. There are over 50 Honda Purudu values taught in these songs with full of moral resonance, advising children on the best way to conduct themselves in the situations of life with values and manners - respect other religions and races, respect parents and elders, be kind to others, be honest, don’t steal, don’t lie, say sorry, say thank you, preserve the environment, dispose garbage responsibly, don’t take or give bribes, follow the law, follow road rules and stay healthy.

This program is being rolled out to 10,000 Government schools around the country with the help of the Ministry of Education and receiving national attention with schools performing these songs at school events to promote values in children and their communities.

The project has entered the third phase with a national competition Rotary Honda Purudu Champions to further encourage the children to learn the songs/values with awards for winners.