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Trees are our friends

22 January, 2023

Trees give us pure air and shade. They also prevent soil erosion. Trees help us very much. They give us fruits, food, medicine and fuel too. 

Birds, wild animals and humans can’t live without trees. Trees help us to get rain. Therefore, trees are our good friends. Cutting down trees is a national crime. The Government must punish the tree-fellers. We should grow useful and valuable trees in our garden. Then, we can live happily and healthily. 

Ancient people respected trees as Gods. Modern people have not understood the value of trees. It is a tragic trend. Let’s protect trees and forests with much love and care. Today, wild elephants have no habitats to live since there is a shortage of forests in our country. Due to the deforestation, many forests are cleared for agricultural purposes and human settlements. The Government has to launch massive tree planting campaigns to re-plant more valuable trees and herbal plants to help the people of this country. 

R.M. Methuli Chanulya Rathnayaka 
Grade 7-A (English Medium)  
Kuliyapitiya Central College