POETRY CORNER | Sunday Observer


22 January, 2023

The soul, transient

Rapt, engrossed and absorbed within the trimmings, frills and accompaniments of the planet earth,

Lolling, sprawling and lazing within the coax, allure, induce and entice of fill-in, protem and interim rapture, glee and delight.

Souls, embodiment, personification, epitome and quintessence vend and auction to profane and secular vehemence, zeal and ardour.

Perpetuity, aeon, and immortality obliterated and abandoned. In lieu to ponder, cogitate and chew the cud within the whoop, bellow, roar and shriek of the brawn, tissue and corpuscles.

Become reconciled to cuff, clout and plonk with the docility, geniality and amiability of buck and reserve.

The blink, wink, glint and glitter of allotrope, conundrum, lozenge and paragon instantly arduous and onerous to withstand, forgo and defy.

Enumerating and tolling the pellet, globule and spherule of nacre and margarite in a life of malevolent and bitter fling and flip.

Souls buried within the chink and vent of hypocrisy and treachery.

The utility and worth of our souls is predominantly off-track and bygone as we plod, tramp and stomp. The twisted, contorted and warped trail on this planet earth’s dull and dim snitch and snout.

Oh woe! the wretch flourishes, secured and procured, our soul, the wretch will retain and will have its donjon.

As you bask, blunder and totter in fleeting and transient bliss and comfort, one soul to find incessantly lost to perpetuity.

Words: Nirosha Rajapakse