Aitken Spence Travels welcomes first charter flight for the year | Sunday Observer

Aitken Spence Travels welcomes first charter flight for the year

29 January, 2023

Aitken Spence Travels welcomed the first charter flight for the year from Uzbekistan on Friday, January 27, with over 200 holiday makers, at the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA).

Uzbekistan Airways’ weekly flights which commenced last week will continue till end March 2023. Aitken Spence Travels was instrumental in bringing the first charter last year as well from this source market that is a new market for Sri Lanka. The Uzbekistan charter operation is partnered with a leading tour operator in Uzbekistan.

Visitors arriving to Sri Lanka will be patronising and staying in 4- and 5-star hotel accommodation options starting from Kalutara going up to deep down south. We will be offering excursions covering the southern coastal belt to other inland locations as Uzbekistan is a landlocked country and these tourists eagerly look forward to visiting tropical beaches.

However, utilising the opportunity to showcase the rich culture and nature to these high-value visitors, the excursions cover a wide-spectrum from traveling to misty mountains, cultural and heritage sites, and shopping spots that not only entertains the tourists but also fuels the local economy through our supply chain of hoteliers, transport providers, excursion providers, jeep drivers etc.

This year’s charter has been confirmed after a considerable amount of persuasion and convincing despite the many challenges faced in the country and tourism industry. The tourism industry should take a lead and work towards creating a conducive environment for the diverse group of tourists. Uzbekistan has great potential to be a source market that attracts luxury visitors and Aitken Spence Travels will leverage this opportunity and continue to source for other high-value markets to attract more tourists into the country.