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ICC panels receive three-star eco label for sustainable manufacturing

29 January, 2023

The ICC (International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd), Durra panel was awarded the Green Eco Label, three-star rating, under the Green SL  labelling system of the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) at the annual Green Building Awards 2022 recently.

ICC Durra has remained a silent contributor to bringing down the carbon footprint of Sri Lanka for well over a decade through its innovative product range exclusively made from paddy straw which is mostly treated as waste material.

The GBCSL is affiliated to the World Green Building Council which maintains performance standards for green building practices. It serves as the leading local authority that works towards promoting, aiding, and implementing green building concepts and practices in buildings in Sri Lanka striving to bring a balance of sustainability and high performance with healthy, durable, and affordable construction leaving the least impact on the country’s environment.  

The GBCSL certification has identified the Durra panel manufacturing process to be a good demonstration of sustainable manufacturing and recognised the leadership and commitment of ICC in transforming Sri Lanka›s building industry to be sustainable and environment-friendly.

Durra panel production uses well over 1,200 mt of waste or straw annually. It is also used for dry walls, modular buildings, and fire and sound-rated walls and doors. Its innovative production technique itself uses a very low carbon footprint by being very energy efficient with extensive use of solar power to minimise its energy demand.