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Sri Lanka’s roads of progress

29 January, 2023

DIMO’s recently introduced its calendar for 2023 which showcases a plethora of unique roads across the country. It not only depicts the beauty of the island, but also symbolises the many avenues of life itself.

Sri Lankan roads, pathways and highways whether narrow or broad, scenic, or interconnected, bare the distinction of not only being the densest network of roads in South Asia, but also a link that has connected people through time itself.

From trade to commerce, relationships and even adventure, Sri Lankan roads tell stories of people’s lives throughout history.

The calendar covers all corners of the nation, showcasing the beauty of Sri Lanka to the world.

Each road depicted in the calendar has its own story and journey ingrained in it. The Daha Ata Wanguwa or 18-Bend Road which is aptly named for its 18 consecutive hairpin turns and several other magnificent roads are featured in the calendar, including the Kurunegala Expressway, the Loggal Oya - Mahiyanganaya Road, the Kalkudah Road and the Arukarkudah Trincomalee Highway.

Some of the other roads featured in the calendar include the Kala Wewa – Akuna Road in Anuradhapura which runs alongside the ancient reservoir known as the Kala Wewa and the scenic Beach Road in Thaalyadi and the Kalahagala Road in Polonnaruwa.

The Buttala – Kataragama Road, the Sangupiddy Bridge in Jaffna, the Akurala Road and the Jaffna – Kilinochchi Road are also featured.

The calendar is printed with environmentally friendly vegetable-based printing inks.

Designed by Sarva Integrated, the creative mastermind behind the concept, this iconic calendar showcases a number of roads that depict the progress that the nation has made over the years. DIMO is a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka.