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Navam Poya

5 February, 2023

February is called Navam in the Sinhala calendar.

The Navam Full Moon Poya Day is a Public Holiday in Sri Lanka.

Importance of Navam Poya

Navam Full Moon Poya Day is important for Buddhists.

It commemorates the appointment of Arahath Sariputta (Sariyuth) and Arahath Moggallana (Mugalan) as the two Chief Disciples (Agrashavakas) of the Gautama Buddha.

Navam Poya also commemorates the first Buddhist Council, held three months after the Parinirvana of the Buddha.

Navam Poya is also believed to be the day on which the Buddha announced his Parinirvana, that was to come in three months.

The Colombo Navam Perahera is held on the Navam Full Moon Poya Day. It’s a well-known religious and cultural procession in Sri Lanka.

It has fabulous drummers, many cultural and traditional dancers and over 100 decorated tuskers and elephants.

Buddhists in Sri Lanka, mark the Navam Poya every year engaging in many religious activities.



- Mihi Deegodage  Pix: Internet