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Andrew Strauss wants dressing room banter to change

5 February, 2023
Andrew Strauss
Andrew Strauss

Former England captain Sir Andrew Strauss says “dressing-room banter” in cricket needs to be “softened”.

Strauss’ comments were delivered as part of his Marylebone Cricket Club Cowdrey lecture, which addresses the major issues facing the game.

Disciplinary hearings relating to allegations of racism at Yorkshire are scheduled to take place in March.

Strauss said the sport’s dressing-room culture should be more “tolerant, understanding, welcoming and embracing of difference”.

“As we move forward together as a game with players of different genders, races, creeds and beliefs coming together, so the traditional macho, hierarchical, perhaps at times verging on ‘bullying’ dressing-room banter will need to be softened,” he said. (BBC Sport)