Dhanusha Marine to build US $ 100m fishing vessel | Sunday Observer

Dhanusha Marine to build US $ 100m fishing vessel

19 March, 2023

Creating maritime history in Sri Lanka, a totally locally funded boat builder, Dhanusha Marine Exports (Pvt) Ltd, has launched construction of the biggest fishing vessel in Sri Lanka for export to the African continent.

The total value of this would be around USD 100 million.

This boat is equipped with communication and navigational tools, a cooling system, a blast freezer, a generator, solar panels, a chilled bath, and a bait hold to preserve the quality of the fish caught, allowing the fishermen to sell their high-quality fish harvest to domestic and foreign markets.

Over the past few years, the company has generated over $2 million in foreign exchange revenue and over 80 new job opportunities.

The largest multi-day fishing vessel in Sri Lanka is also being built in this factory using advancement technology.

Dhanusha Marine Lanka hopes to further expand its business ventures into the Asia and African region in order to contribute towards the national economy.

Since its humble beginnings in 1989, when it began making small open boats for the local market, the company has developed into a significant international player in Sri Lanka’s boating industry.

It is also a unique one because it offers a full range of boats, including fishing vessels, canoes and kayaks, catamaran series, leisure boats, and yachts. Over 100 new jobs have been created as a result of Dhanusha Marine’s recent expansion project in Payagala, which produces 59ft to 80 ft fishing and multipurpose vessels for the international and local markets.

An official of the company said that building boats inland and transporting them to the Beruwala fisheries harbour is difficult due to numerous infrastructure challenges.

“There are more boat makers in the Kalutara district than any other area in Sri Lanka.

But we don’t have a launching pad where boats may be launched to the sea bed and due to this many boat manufacturers still have trouble launching their boats,” he said.

However, several Government authorities and Chambers have continued their support in trying to minimise the difficulties faced by the industry such as the Export Development Board, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Fisheries and National Chamber of Exporters.

The boat manufacturing industry has been recognised as a growing industry that could significantly contribute towards the export revenue and employment of the country in the coming years.