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Area 51

12 June, 2021

Do you believe in aliens?

Area 51 is a military base in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas, America. It was a test site. First, the military base was used during World War11. In 1954, there were reports saying that there were flying saucers in the area.

The Government thought it was a spy plane. In those days, the normal planes flew at about 20,000 feet. Military planes were flown at about 40,000 feet. Spy planes were at 60,000 feet. Soon, there were many more reports saying that there were flying saucers.

The USA government turned the military base into a UFO military base. At this time, nobody knew there was a military base in the Nevada desert. Outside Area 51 were ‘no flying drones’ and if you trespass you would get a $5000 fine and a year in prison. Area 51 is top secret and there are fences and security cameras near the gate. When you’re on the road to Area 51, there will be no mobile phone service. There are helicopters and military jets inside Area 51.

Outside Area 51 are camo dudes. They are police with guns. The exact location of Area 51 is at Groomlake in the Nevada desert, The Department of Defenvce owns Area 51.

The operator is the U.S Air Force. It is controlled by the Air Force Material Command. Area 51 was built in 1955 as an Air Force test center for defence. It is located in the Southern portion of Nevada 83 miles north-west of Las Vegas.



Anuga Damsithu Weerasinghe,

Grade 5

Springfield College,