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Free online music workshop

18 July, 2021

The North Indian Classical Music Workshop organised by the ‘Amaradeva Foundation’ will be held on August 1. The workshop with the aim of producing well skilled and virtuous people to the society under the guidance of well qualified teachers.

How to join

Anyone who is interested in music can join the workshop by sending an audio clip ( vocal and violin) that runs from 3 to 5 minutes via WhatsApp ( 071 4421 366) before July 20, 2021.

Certificates and prizes

After the completion of this three month course, the students are requested to send an audio clip containing their performance to their mentors. Recognised certificates will be awarded to the students after evaluating the students’ performances.


As mentioned by Ranjana Amaradeva , this workshop will be organised by the ‘Amaradeva Foundation’ with the objective of providing well skilled and virtuous students to the society.

Significantly both students who sit for their Advanced Level and Ordinary Level Examinations too can join the workshop in order to stimulate their skills in music and learn the basics of the North Indian Classical Music.

The significance

From the students’ perspective, in this trying situation of the country both teachers and students are struggling to cover up the syllabus. In addition, many parents too have lost their livelihoods due to travel restrictions and lock-downs, in such a backdrop this free online music workshop is a golden opportunity for anyone to grasp a knowledge of fundamentals of music.

The music course is conducted by the well qualified music teachers such as Sangeet Nipun Lahiru Gimhana Komangoda and Sangeet Vadya Nipun Nelum Satheekaea Rathnapala. Therefore, needless to say that this is a trustworthy workshop.


Lahiru Gimhana Komangoda is an ICCR scholar. He has completed his BA Hons degree in music at Indira Kala Sangeet university, Khairagarh.

After having completed the degree, he has received the gold medal for his undergraduate performance.

Then, he joined the University of Delhi for his Masters degree in music and completed it with a first class in 2018. It is significant to mention that Lahiru Gimhana Komangoda received his training of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music under the eminent artistes and gurus.

At present he also holds Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Nipun degrees from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeet, Lucknow. Speaking of Vadya Nipun Nelum Satheekara Rathnapala , he has completed his BA Hons degree in music at the University of visual and performing arts and his Masters degree at the university of Kelaniya. After the completion of his Masters he has continued his studies in music at Benaras Hindu University. It is significant to mention that he also holds a Vadya Nipun degree.