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Pets- fun and responsibility

12 September, 2021

Having pets is fun. However, it is a great responsibility too.

Pets need care just as people do. They are not there for you to just enjoy. You must look after them.

Many people have different pets. Among the common and popular pets are cats, dogs, rabbits and fish. Some children keep ponies and horses. Lambs are a poular choice for a pet too.

Birds such as parrots, budgerigars, cockatoos and mynahs are popular pets. Goldfish, carp and angel fish rank at the top of the list of fish for pets.

There are people who rear exotic anmal, fish and bird varieties. Some have been known to rear bear and tiger cubs. Rock squirrels are a firm favourite.

Pets need to be fed well and with suitable food. For example, chocolates and sweets are very bad for cats and dogs. So, never give them. Clean drinking water is very important. There must be a bowl or trough or any other container full of it at all times.

Regular bathing, washing, brushing and grooming areother essentials for the well being of pets. For pets like dogs and horses regular exercise is a must.

Clean cages too are very important. Cleaning a fish tank may be tedious and tiresome but it must be done .

Vaccinations should be given at the correct time and regular visits to a vet should be a routine task.

Ensuring that your pets, especially dogs and cats do not come into contact with stray animals is important to avoid diseases like rabies.

As you can see having pets means responsibility. Do not avoid it or else your pets will suffer.


Until nest Sunday,

Good luck, stay safe

Aunty Nira