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Helping at home

19 September, 2021

They say that ‘charity begins at home’. Likewise, helping also should start at home.

Today, many mothers juggle office work, children’s work and house work. Sometimes, 24 hours a day is not enough for them. Even if you have a stay-at-home mother she would have enough work handling a home and family. Also, one of the most expensive and scarce commodities is house hold help or domestic aides.

This is where you can step in. True, you too will have a busy schedule with school, extra-curricular activities and homework. But still there is much you can do to help. Start by doing your own work like ironing your clothes, tidying your room and even washing some of your clothes. You can also help your mother with cooking by doing things like washing and cutting vegetables or scraping coconut.

You can also help by helping your siblings. For instance, you can help with their homework and also help them wash and dress.

Your father too could do with some help. You can help him with the garden or washing the car.

There are hundreds of ways you can help at home. So, put your thinking caps on.

Until we meet gain

Good luck

Aunty Nira