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The kind boy

23 January, 2022

Once upon a time there was a village and in that village there was a kind boy called Jack. He had no family. He sold certain kinds of equipment to collect the money h for his needs. He always helped others. One day, a storm hit the village and destroyed many people’s houses. All the equipment that Jack had prepared to sell was destroyed too.

So he decided to go to the forest to cut wood to sell and collect money. The next day he went to the forest to cut wood. While he was cutting wood, he suddenly heard a noise from a bush nearby.

He saw a tiger lying on the ground. There was a big spike on its foot.

Jack wanted to help the tiger. He silently went to the tiger and pulled out the big spike. The tiger licked his face and asked “why are you in the forest?. jack told everything to the tiger. The tiger then took him to a cave. Inside the cave there was a chest full of gold. The tiger asked Jack to take it. Jack thanked the tiger and took the chest to the village. He shared the gold with everyone. From that day Jack was respected by everyone


Chanuka Ranod Senevirathna Abeydiwakara

Grade 6 H

Sry Rahula College