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The world of dinosaurs

14 August, 2022

Dinosaurs were reptiles, a group of animals with scaly skin which lived millions of years ago. There were many kinds of dinosaurs, but they all died long, long ago.

There were two types of dinosaurs, some were plant eaters and the others meat eaters. They have sharp teeth, small arms and powerful legs. Dinosaurs lived approximately 230 million years ago.

This vast period of time is called the Mesozoic Era, or the Age of dinosaurs. The Mesozoic Era was split into three time periods, the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous In the dinosaur world, the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs were the largest hunters ever to have lived.

The Tyrannosaurus rex is the biggest hunter of them all.

The Giganotosaurus is the biggest meat-eating animal that ever lived.

Eggs and nests

Like most reptiles today, dinosaurs produced young by laying eggs. These hatched out into baby dinosaurs that gradually grew into adults. Fossils have been found of eggs with dinosaurs still developing inside, as well as fossils of newly hatched baby dinosaurs.

Where did they go?

The dinosaurs died 65 million years ago. There are dinosaur fossils in rocks up to this time, but none after this. However, there are fossils of creatures such as fish and mammals. Perhaps a giant rock (meteorite) from space smashed into earth, killing the dinosaurs.

After that, a giant wave may have drowned the dinosaurs.


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