Delmore Marketing to distribute Nelly Cola

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September 17, 2023 1:05 am 0 comment 350 views

Director of Delmore Marketing, Thusith Muthumala and Managing Director of Maa Products, Muditha Savanakkodi.

The distribution of Nelly Cola, a fully indigenous product manufactured by Maa Products, was handed over to Delmore Lanka recently.

Managing Director of Maa Products, Muditha Savanakkodi, said that this was introduced as a quality alternative to drinking cola and beer, which are the most popular addictions among many young people.

He said that this is the first product introduced in Sri Lanka that does not contain any intoxicating substance, and the drink produced with the help of local material is more suitable for those who are used to drinking and facing health problems.

Nelly Cola was launched two years ago and is exported to many countries and we hope to add more locally made products to this export basket.

Director of Delmore Marketing, Thusith Thivanka Muthumala said that they decided to market these products since they are non-toxic, locally manufactured using organic substances and are not harmful to the body like sweet drinks.

A palmyra based soft drink product from the north too would be distributed.

“We need locally made products of this nature to uplift the country’s economy and produce a healthier nation.”

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