Awardees of DIVA Daathata Diriyak felicitated

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September 17, 2023 1:18 am 0 comment 192 views

DIVA, in collaboration with Women in Management (WIM), recently celebrated the victors of the DIVA Dathata Diriyak program held in Dankotuwa.

This initiative encompassed comprehensive training sessions centred around women’s entrepreneurship and skill enhancement. Notably, this year marked the inception of the inaugural program in the Dankotuwa region, which has since expanded to encompass the entire nation.

Amid the prevailing economic challenges faced by the nation, a remarkable trend has emerged wherein entrepreneurs, both from small and medium-scale businesses, have risen as a pivotal force driving domestic economic growth. They have significantly contributed to revitalising the nation’s economy. It’s especially noteworthy that homemakers have transitioned into entrepreneurs, strengthening their households’ home economy. This transformation, beyond the conventional domestic roles of sewing, knitting, and culinary arts, signifies a substantial shift, where women aredriving the national economy forward as integral members of the workforce.

Their diverse talents, such as craftsmanship, have empowered them to step into the entrepreneurial realm, thereby boosting both their family economies and the broader national economic landscape. Recognising this unwavering spirit, DIVA launched the DIVA Dathata Diriyak program with the primary objective of offering expert guidance to refine their business expertise, skills, and capabilities.

The program is designed to empower women entrepreneurs, equipping them with the confidence, knowledge, and skills essential for business initiation, organised operation, effective sales strategies, and more.

Acknowledging the reality that some women are challenged with a lack of time, knowledge, and support to realise the iraspirations, DIVA is committed to extending a helping hand to talented women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka through the ‘DIVA Dathata Diriyak’ initiative. -LP

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