Imagination on perpetual eternity

by jagath
September 24, 2023 1:00 am 0 comment 356 views

Words: Nirosha Rajapakse

I am exclusively and in every respect, melted inside.

I tweak and twinge myself, just being cognisant and canny that you stand for my rights.

During the darker stage of twilight or in the dusk demesnes of night, in multifarious ways, you make me convinced that my rights are not violated in your company.

I glow, glitter, gleam and glimmer in my own self-imposed seclusion that is secured in your presence.

I jocundly and jovially recollect the mesmerising and soothing rhythms, engulfed with your exquisitely and temptingly crafted sonnets whilst developing an ardent and fervent passion for you in whom my rights are preserved at regular intervals.

I am coerced into believing in your reassurance that rights are rights but nothing else.

The wink and blink and the flash and flicker in your naked eyes, the snugness and hotness in your skin are a blush of inspiration.

The wind and puff of yours that run through my neck is the path to my citadel of rights.

Even during the battles, fought, even during the renaissance, even during the inventions, brought out, even during the robots, found themselves in a fierce battle, even during the declarations, signed, even during the truce, agreed, you were my tower of strength, inspiring me from the northern to the southern hemispheres.

Our blind dates brought us to the table of dinner dates, our sauntering and strolling walks during invigorating and refreshing afternoons never compromised with my right to rights.

Neither of us knowing, precisely as to what was left behind to be declared to envisage my free movement through the frontiers of your heart and soul, tooth and nail.

I needed a spark, a wit or even an iota to erupt and ignite within my right to freedom that is none but a treasure that I cherish.

I could often and predominantly feel the presence of someone who is categorically and unconditionally bona fide, profound, and guileless, where my rights are well preserved.

In a fraction of a second, smashing and shattering the age-old railings and barricades, you appeared in a jiffy; contemplating even the most extravagant metaphors and similes, you painted a smile on my face in your unique archetypal and quintessential style that makes you an exception from among each and every promoter of my rights.

I am not hitched up nor am I affixed.

You are plainly and unequivocally what I was under an obligation to; no ifs or buts about it. Presumptions and presuppositions exceeded.

Each and every minute spared together being surrounded by an array of excitement, our hearts and souls are bungling and slamming into, let us be vigilant and see as to where this would be heading to, albeit I am often and always aware that being together and promoting the essence of the true spirit of togetherness, you, and I together with our right to freedom will go far and far into a perpetual and durable eternity.

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