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Technologically advanced fertiliser manufacturing facility opened

by damith
November 19, 2023 1:05 am 0 comment 205 views

Managing Director of EcoProtect Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Samuditha Kumarasinghe addressing the gathering.

The state-of-the-art Pellet and Granular Fertiliser manufacturing facility of Eco Protect Engineering (Pvt) Ltd in Oyamaduwa, Anuradhapura was opened on November 9 with the participation of Janaka Jayasundara, District Secretary Anuradhapura, Chandana Lokuhewage, Director National Fertiliser Secretariat and senior officials from Ministry of Agriculture.

EcoProtect Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is part of the Multichemi Group of Companies which is already engaged in the manufacture and distribution of Biofertilisers and Blended Chemical Fertilisers. This newly opened modern manufacturing facility is comprised of 25,000 sqft of production floor area and is capable of manufacturing over 10,000 metric tonnes of Organic, Hybrid and NPK Chemical Pellet and Granular Fertilisers annually.

Managing Director of EcoProtect Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Samuditha Kumarasinghe mentioned that “The range of Eco-friendly, High-tech Pellet and Granular Fertilisers manufactured at the new production facility will be marketed under the brand names ‘MCI’, ‘TopCrop’ and ‘BioCrop’. We have always manufactured products of uncompromising quality which has enabled us to gain wide acceptance from farmers”. The manufacturing facility is located within a 25-acre agricultural land which has been established under a sustainable development plan with the planting of local fruits and grains, keeping in line with the Company’s environment-friendly approach.

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