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Special designs for Para medal-winning athletes

by malinga
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By TB Rahaman

Medal winners and Para athletes (26 in all) who participated at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games were felicitated by MAS Holdings in collaboration with the Sri Lanka National Paralympic Committee (NPC) at the Hive Auditorium in Foster Lane on Thursday morning.

In all there were ten medal winners, one having won two medals, who were presented with mementoes with a special design.

MAS Holdings were the clothing suppliers of the athletes who were looking smart, spic and span in this dress during the ceremony.

These specially designed cloths were presented to all athletes, Para and able-body, on several occasions now.

The Para athletes have represented Sri Lanka in four athletic meets now and wore the smart clothing that were specially designed to enhance their performance that earned them medals.

The innovations showcased during the event were not just about aesthetics; they were about functionality and inclusivity.

Track pants with wider leg openings for athletes with leg braces, specially designed shorts for wheelchair tennis athletes and swim shorts personalized to accommodate variations in leg sizes due to muscle atrophy were just a few examples of the MAS commitment to meeting the adaptive requirements of each athlete.

Three youths won medals at the event held in Bahrain this time too and they were wearing the clothing presented by MAS Holdings displaying a showpiece for the athletes who said they were admired by foreign opponents.

“The NPC is ever grateful to the innovations of MAS in taking these athletes forward. In the recent Games in China, it was clearly displayed that clothing was an integral part of their body and the athletes felt comfortable and enthusiastic,” said Priyantha Peiris the vice president of the Sri Lanka National Paralympic Committee.

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