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About our Son : B/​G/​K respectable family (Colombo suburb) seeks a caring,​ pretty,​ academically and professionally qualified daughter from a respectable family for their Engineer son born in August 1983,​ 5’7”,​ young looking,​ handsome,​ well-mannered,​ qualified with BSc. Engineering (Moratuwa),​ MSc. (UK),​ currently working as a Telecommunication Engineer in Europe. Please reply with family details and horoscope. m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​r​1​9​8​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified attractive daughter from a respectable family preferably living in UK sought by Sinhala Bodu Govi parents for our handsome well-mannered Engineer son with Master’s qualification 6’ & 30 he studied at leading universities in UK and working as a lead,​ will be in SL for a short holiday in early December. Substantial assets in UK. Reply with horoscope,​ contact number and family details. Email: m​y​s​o​n​p​r​o​p​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​ 011-2517655,​ 076-4537941.

Academically and professionally qualified daughter is sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents for son,​ an Engineer born in July 1995,​ 5’9”,​ living in California. A family living in USA /​ Canada is preferred. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Email: m​p​4​s​u​n​2​0​2​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified kind hearted daughter is sought by Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo suburb for their 33 years 5’8” tall son brought up according to Buddhist values,​ after completing his PhD he is working as a Research Scientist in USA. Please reply with family details and contact information email: y​o​j​a​n​a​v​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified Sinhala Bodu Govi positive minded down to earth,​ separated honest kind hearted entrepreneur having a well established business is seeking a kind hearted,​ honest trustworthy life partner under the age of 50 years for happy and enjoyable married life from Sri Lanka or abroad,​ differences immaterial. Response with all details. s​m​a​2​0​2​2​b​i​b​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified,​ kind,​ well mannered,​ pretty daughter,​ 24 years or below taller than 5’3”,​ preferably working or studying Australia is sought by Buddhist respectable Durawa parents from Colombo for their son born in 1998 August,​ height 6 ft. handsome,​ well mannered graduated BSc. Hon. Civil Engineering from prestigious University in Australia. Currently working as a Structural Engineer in an Australian Company. He inherits substantial assets in Sri Lanka. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Email : m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​0​8​9​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically & professionally qualified well-mannered daughter is sought by Buddhist parents residing in Colombo for their son (Engineer),​ 34 and 5’8” tall. He completed his studies in the UK and is currently residing and working in Canada (citizen),​ as a Senior Consultant for a US based Engineering Consultancy Firm. He owns property both in Canada and Sri Lanka. Reply with full family details and horoscope. p​3​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

An educated,​ qualified,​ pretty smart daughter is sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents (dual citizens) for their son,​ 33,​ 5’7”,​ working in Australia as a Doctor. Please reply with family details and horoscope only by Email : p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​m​9​5​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A professionally qualified kind daughter from a respectable family is sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents from Colombo for their eldest son,​ 27 years of age,​ 6’1” height,​ studied in a leading school in Colombo,​ Network Engineer,​ was employed as a Senior Engineer and a Consultant for few years and currently reading for a Masters in Cybersecurity at a University abroad. Mother,​ a professionally qualified Senior Banker at a leading private bank. Father,​ a Graduate,​ retired and presently engaged in his own export business. Younger brother is reading for a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering abroad. Reply with family details to p​m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​.​1​9​9​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

BG parents seek professionally qualified daughter living in Australia for son born 87 November 6’ tall working in Medical Sector Melbourne with Pr. w​a​.​g​u​n​a​t​i​l​a​k​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Buddhist parents from Colombo seek an educated kind hearted pleasant Sinhala Buddhist daughter living in UK with good family values for our 32 years old son non smoker graduate reading for MSc Finance in UK. Reply with horoscope and family details. 011-2365236 /​ 071-8166943. y​a​s​h​i​k​a​d​e​a​l​w​i​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Buddhist /​ Govi,​ professionally qualified parents seek a kind-hearted,​ caring,​ beautiful daughter for their handsome son,​ who was born in 1994,​ 5’10” tall. Currently working as an Engineer in a reputed company in Western Australia. Daughter should migrate or willing to migrate. Please reply with full family details and horoscope to Email: c​a​b​t​1​9​9​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Buddhist,​ Govi professional parents living in Nawala seek an academically & professionally qualified,​ fair,​ pretty,​ well-mannered & kind hearted daughter in the same caste with a good family background for their son,​ only child,​ born in Feb. 1993,​ 5’6” height,​ fair,​ handsome,​ educated in a leading School in Colombo,​ graduated from a local University with an Honours Degree in BSc. Engineering,​ reading for CFA final and employed as a Senior Engineer at the Colombo Office of a Multinational Company,​ reporting directly to the Head Office in London. He owns a vehicle & inherits the house at Nawala & financial assets (Kuja in 7th house). Please respond with family details to m​a​r​r​p​r​o​p​1​2​3​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

B/​G dual citizen parents living in Australia,​ Victoria seek an academically and professionally qualified,​ pretty,​ caring,​ well-mannered and kind-hearted daughter for their Australian citizen son. Born in 1996 June,​ 5’11”,​ brought up with Sri Lankan values,​ well-mannered,​ handsome and working as a doctor in a Victorian Hospital. Reply with details to: s​o​l​a​n​t​h​a​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

B/​G parents living in the USA seek a loving and beautiful daughter for their son,​ 27 years,​ 5’10”,​ handsome,​ and well mannered with cultural values. He is currently pursuing PhD. Studies. Please reply with horoscopes and family particulars via E-Mail at r​h​g​u​n​a​w​a​r​d​e​n​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G parents looking for a daughter for their son,​ professionally qualified MD,​ working as Registrar in Australia,​ 29 years,​ 5’6”. He is the eldest child of 3 boys,​ 3rd son Australia & 2nd in USA and parents living abroad. Daughter should be willing to migrate and having similar education background and brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. Reply with family details and horoscope to: k​u​l​a​g​e​y​a​.​1​9​9​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G respectable parents seek educated,​ well mannered,​ pretty daughter for their professionally qualified son,​ NS/​TT,​ born in 1979 December,​ 5 feet 6 inches,​ studied in a leading school in Colombo,​ employed as a Senior Manager in a reputed Organization in Colombo,​ draws a six figure salary. Owns a house and a vehicle. Never married. Reply with family details and horoscope to m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​5​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G respectable parent seeks an academically qualified pretty,​ well mannered daughter for their academically and professionally qualified handsome son,​ living in Australia,​ permanent resident,​ 31 years,​ height 5’10” working in a reputed field. Prefers Sri Lankan residing in Australia or willing to migrate,​ looking for friendship leading to marriage. Please reply with details to p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​0​9​9​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G retired professional parents seek a daughter willing to migrate very fluent in English height 5’4” and above for their son Software Engineer working in world renowned company in Sweden as a Software Consultant,​ 1989 October,​ 5’10”,​ holidaying in Sri Lanka now. Email : n​e​t​h​t​h​a​l​i​y​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

B/​G/​K retired parents from Colombo seek an educated daughter preferably living in Australia or willing to migrate for their son born in 1982,​ 5’10” graduated and permanently employed in a Government Department of Australia as a Senior Data Analyst. p​e​r​e​r​a​d​b​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Canadian citizen from Kandy now living in Calgary Alberta Province Lawyer born in 1986,​ 5’5” in height has assets abroad and in Sri Lanka. Govi Buddhist parents seek a daughter with fair complexion living in Canada or willing to migrate. 0812225702,​ 0777809414. k​r​o​o​n​c​0​0​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Christian Sinhalese family from Colombo looking for an academically and professionally qualified beautiful,​ kind and well-mannered daughter,​ for their son born in 1990,​ 5’11”,​ very fair in complexion and non-smoker. Recently passed his PhD. Currently working in a financial institution in the UK. Very special consideration preferably from a suitable Christian family residing in the UK. Please kindly reply with all relevant information to: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​u​k​9​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo suburbs B/​G parents seek a partner for their son. Age 29 height of 5’6” and handsome appearance. He was educated at a leading school in Colombo and holds a graduate degree in finance. Works for a reputed company. Kuja 7 (Shani Mangala Yoga) horoscope. Possesses valuable inherited assets. Separated from a marriage limited to a signature. Only brother is an Engineer and permanently residing in Australia. Caste and religion immaterial. Prefer who are willing to migrate. Please email details and contact number. p​r​i​y​a​.​m​7​7​3​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Educated and well mannered daughter who is willing to migrate to USA is sought by B/​G parents for their son professionally qualified PR Holder living in USA born 1985 Dec. height,​ 5’10”. He will be in Colombo from 7th to 15th January 2024. Please write with family details and contact number. Email : c​s​d​u​k​5​9​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

Educated pretty fair slim kind family-oriented daughter below 25 yrs from a respectable family sought by respectable SBG professionally-qualified parents dwelling in Australia for their handsome well-mannered son brought up with cultural values. Born 1998,​ 6’1” tall Engineer working for an international firm in Australia,​ dual citizen. Please forward details to: m​a​t​r​i​m​o​n​i​a​l​2​3​a​u​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Expat SGB gentleman 55,​ 6’1” devout Buddhist from a highly respected family,​ non-smoker /​ drinker animal lover with the highest regard for Sinhala Buddhist values. Snr Mgr overseas with a pleasing personality. 112500220,​ n​o​r​d​m​e​n​d​e​s​p​e​c​t​r​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Govi Buddhist parents seek an educated family oriented and charming daughter for son aged 27 height 6’0”. He has worked as an Electrical Engineer in Australia since 5 years after graduating as an electrical Engineer from a well-renowned Australian University. He is a strong valued boy teetotaller and non-smoker with an exemplary character. Please call: +61434262860 (Mon-Fri SL. 1.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. and weekends anytime) to discuss family details and exchange horoscope. Email: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​m​e​l​6​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Govi Buddhist respectable well established parents from Colombo father Proprietory Planter holding a high position mother Attorney-at-Law seek academically or professionally qualified fair pretty well mannered daughter (same caste) between 24-29 for their smart youngest son 32,​ 5’5”,​ NS/​TT educated at leading school Colombo holding B Eng. & MSc. UK. Previously employed at a leading Company now a Consultant and engaged in his own business. Reply with family details and horoscope. n​l​m​w​3​5​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Govi Buddhist Sinhala family Australian citizens since 1985 parents seeking a well mannered and educated daughter for their Australian born 23 year old son 5’10” tall,​ fair handsome guy,​ well educated and academically qualified currently employed as a Civil Engineer in a reputed company here in Australia. Interested parties please contact us emailing a​n​d​y​1​7​1​9​5​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

G/​RC. 52 yrs,​ 5’7” well-employed divorced without any encumbrances. Seeks a simple well-mannered partner with a good family background. Please email,​ m​p​r​o​p​o​k​d​y​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​

Professional Roman Catholic Sinhala mixed parents seek educated pleasant partner for 32 years son educated in SL graduated in Australia now employed in high tech firm in California USA as Senior Engineer. He is 5’11” tall slim and holds dual citizenship Aus /​ SL. s​p​f​m​f​e​r​n​a​n​d​o​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

RC,​ worked abroad and here in financial sector,​ well qualified with an MBA,​ educated in a private Colombo Catholic school,​ age 59,​ height 5’8” medium complexion,​ J/​Tamil,​ studied in Sinhala medium,​ not married before,​ seeking suitable bride. Email : a​u​g​u​s​t​i​d​3​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Respectable Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo District seek an educated,​ loving and kind-hearted daughter for our eldest son. He studied at a leading school in Colombo,​ an Engineer by professional now engaged in business,​ 34 years of age and 6’ in height. Non-smoker teetotaller. We are looking for a family-oriented daughter for our son who respects traditional commitments of marriage and would like a partner who is looking forward to being in a loving family. (Call: 0112080880) (p​r​o​p​2​0​2​2​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​).

Seeking daughter for 1991 Australian born,​ Bodu Govi,​ professionally qualified son who is holding a senior government position. Son is pleasant and slim built,​ pescatarian,​ non alcoholic,​ non smoker. Seeks Bodu Govi daughter with similar qualities,​ who is willing to settle down in regional Australia. Send horoscope to a​u​s​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Sinhala Catholic professional parents seek an educated mannered daughter for son stepping into 33 yrs.,​ 5’10” in height handsome MBBS Doctor,​ planning to migrate. Currently working in a Government Hospital. Please respond with family details to p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​u​k​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Sinhala Govi Catholic presently living in USA seek educated pretty daughter for their N/​S,​ T/​T Aerospace Engineer son 95/​01,​ 5’10”. 031-2276043 (Phone),​ +13107508557 (WhatsApp). E-mail: n​e​l​a​n​s​o​l​a​n​g​a​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Sinhalese Buddhist business owner parents invite proposals for their son born in 1979/​01,​ 5’10” and never married. He is an Australian citizen,​ very family-oriented,​ fair,​ handsome and has a Bachelor of Biotechnology from a top university in Australia. He is a body-corporate manager of a well reputed firm. We are seeking an intelligent,​ beautiful,​ fair,​ and slim bride willing to settle in Australia of age 37 years or younger. He will be visiting Sri Lanka in December. Please reply with full bride and family details to m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​3​0​1​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Sinhalese Buddhist business owner parents seek proposals for their son,​ born in 1990 (6ft tall),​ fair,​ very handsome,​ an Australian citizen with a Biotechnology Bachelor’s and Clinical Microbiology Master’s. He owns a successful digital marketing agency in Australia. Seeking an intelligent,​ beautiful,​ fair,​ and slim bride willing to settle in Australia,​ aged 27 or younger. He’ll visit Sri Lanka for two weeks in December. Respond with full details to m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​3​0​1​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Sinhalese Catholic Colombo Suburban parents seek suitable academically /​ professionally qualified daughter for their USA qualified Engineer son currently residing in Canada,​ 29 years height 5’7”. Reply with contact details. p​r​o​p​s​h​2​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Sinhalese,​ Govi,​ Western born country citizen,​ 49,​ Buddhist values,​ handsome,​ teetotaller,​ divorced,​ no encumbrances,​ well employed. Looking for a kind,​ Buddhist divorced lady,​ age 36-43,​ no kids,​ PR or citizen of Western country only. No need to go to work. Lady with a minor leg defect is ok. If anyone refers this proposals to a lady and if successful we will give a monetary gift. Email : p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​3​8​2​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Sri Lankan parents looking for a Catholic God fearing fair slim girl for the divorced 33 yrs. old,​ 5’3” only son with a baby girl of 3 years both in Sydney. He can arrange Australian Visa and a job also. A dowry solicited. 0112245414. b​e​n​i​.​f​e​l​i​x​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

We are B/​G parents from Kandy looking for an educated,​ loving,​ caring,​ slim and pretty daughter with Shani Mangala Yogaya. Height 5-2 to 5.6 for our son born in 1992 Feb.,​ 5’9” height,​ slim figure graduated and employed. If your daughter has Shani Mangala Yogaya and is slim and interested please write to h​e​m​a​n​t​h​a​r​a​t​n​a​y​a​k​e​8​1​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ with family details and contact numbers preferably. WhatsApp or contact 0812213480 or WhatsApp 0767526154.

1989,​ 5’8” fair handsome teetotaller,​ Engineer,​ employed multi-national company. Buddhist professional parents in Colombo suburbs seek fair slim educated virtuous daughter below 30 years (Kuja compatible) from respectable family living in Sri Lanka. Only sister,​ doctor married. Inherits valuable assets. Send horoscope with family details. Email: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​8​9​s​n​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

1992,​ 5’6”,​ handsome NS/​TT son graduated from Moratuwa University Engineering. Currently working as an Engineer in a reputed company and planning to move to Australia next year. Respectable BG parents seek an academically qualified beautiful pleasant kind daughter for their son (Kuja 7). p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​.​1​9​a​b​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​ /​ TP 0711990347,​ 0112794612.

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